Have you ever wanted to earn more in addition to your weekly pay check?

The secret lies in something not everyone has heard of – buying wholesale.

It’s no secret that big-name, big-box stores are very wasteful. Sometimes they dispose of perfectly good products because of a little box damage. Other times, the products are completely fine: the stores just run out of space.

When that happens, OTG steps in.

With over 60,000 square feet of warehouse space, we make deals with big-name retailers and buy the excess goods.

Then we pass the savings along to you. We can sort merchandise, build pallets and truckloads, and ensure that your goods are high quality.

Once you buy a pallet or a truckload, we can arrange transportation (though you still pay freight). After that, you’re the proud owner of thousands of name-brand goods in great condition. You can make thousands of dollars off a single pallet. A small investment can net you a huge profit.

Are you ready to make your investment purchase? 

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