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DescriptionDetails/Pictures # of PalletsQuantity/UnitsF.O.B.


DescriptionManifest/PicturesPallet CountQuantity
KLS Womens Summer ApparelCALL11,000
KLS Women's (Summer) Sm SizesCALL11,000
KLS Women's (Summer) Sm SizesCALL1732
KLS Mens & Womens (Winter)CALL147,239
KLS Mens (Winter)CALL3895
KLS Children's (Winter) ApparelCALL 11,100
KLS Men's & Women's (Winter)CALL21,100
KLS Children's Winter ApparelCALL1182
KLS Mens & Womens (Winter)CALL1600
KLS Mens, Womens & Childrens CALL3018,634
New KLS Mens, Womens & Childrens CoatsCALL1120
New KLS Mens, Womens & Childrens CoatsCALL1125
New KLS Mens, Womens & Childrens CoatsCALL130
New Kids Coats & Jackets ($38,391.00)CALL1553
New Mens Coats & Jackets ($30,169.00)CALL2604
New Womens Coats & Jackets ($6,693.00)CALL1134
New Mens, Womens & Childrens HoodiesCALL1375
KLS Mens, Womens & Kids Coats (Returns)CALL1100
KLS Mens, Womens & Kids Coats (Returns)CALL1135
KLS Accessories (Winter)CALL1770
KLS Mens, Womens, and Childrens MANIFEST3018,634
KLS Men's (Summer) sm sizesCALL1430
KLS Men's & Women's (Winter)CALL11,000
KLS Women's Dresses (Summer)CALL1224
KLS Women's (Winter)CALL1600
KLS Men's & Women's (Winter)CALL1413
KLS Men's & Women's (Winter) #2CALL1500
KLS Men's & Women's & Kids' (Winter) #2CALL1850
New KLS Men's, Women's, & Kid's Coats (Returns)CALL2235
KLS Women's SwimwearCALL1250
KLS Apparel ($71,194.75)MANIFEST2419,474


DESCRIPTIONDetails/Pictures# of PalletsQUANTITY (units)
HSN Jeans (Small Sizes) PICTURES2754
HSN Jeggings and Patns (Plus Sizes)PICTURES1295
Rhonda Shear Panties (Tummy Control)MANIFEST412,423
Rhonda Shear BrasMANIFEST629,600


DescriptionDetails/Pictures # of PalletsQuantity/UnitsF.O.B.



DescriptionDetails/Pictures # of PalletsQuantity/UnitsF.O.B.
SRS/KM Mens, Womens and Childrens (Summer)MANIFEST2525,000FL
Dora JacketsPICTURES1155FL
KM Women's SwimwearPICTURES46,970FL


DescriptionDetails/Pictures # of PalletsQuantity/UnitsF.O.B.
Children's JacketPICTURES1155FL


DESCRIPTIONDetails/Pictures# of PalletsQUANTITY (units)
TGT Apparel Deep SKU'sPICTURES1817,063
TGT MOS Summer ApparelPICTURES5052,989
TGT Mens Summer ApparelCALL55,000
TGT Childrens Summer ApparelCALL 23,300
TGT Womens Spring and Summer Apparel (Small Sizes)PICTURES99,000
TGT MOS Summer ApparelPICTURES1311,700
TGT Womens Dresses (Small SizesCALL1800
TGT Womens Dresses (Small SizesCALL1800
TGT Women's Maternity DressesPICTURES76,200
TGT Women's Winter Tops PICTURES88,785
TGT Children's DressesPICTURES1900
TGT Childrens Winter ApparelCALL98,116
TGT Mens & Womens Fall/Winter ApparelMANIFEST199,470
TGT Womens Sleepwear (Winter)CALL21,780
TGT Mens and Womens Online Fall & Winter ApparelCALL1370
TGT Mens and Womens (Winter) ReturnsCALL1500
TGT UndergarmentsMANIFEST68,911
TGT Undergarments MANIFEST1115,861
TGT BrasMANIFEST1325,652
TGT Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Hygiene, etc. ($424,053.96)MANIFEST28over 29,000
TGT Deep SKU's Maroon HeatherPICTURES34,525
TGT Deep SKU's Denim TopsPICTURES41,870
TGT Deep SKU's Purple HeatherPICTURES1890
TGT Deep SKU's Navy StripePICTURES11,160
TGT Deep SKU's Black StripePICTURES11,250
TGT Deep SKU's Navy VoyagePICTURES23,850
TGT Deep SKU's Navy/Cream StripesMANIFEST32,120
TGT Deep SKU's Ebony Space DyeMANIFEST1725
TGT Deep SKU's Black and WhitePICTURES1120
TGT Deep SKU's Grey EmberPICTURES1130
TGT Deep SKU's EbonyPICTURES1275
TGT Deep SKU's TGT Womens Summer Apparel - Small SizesPICTURES1670
TGT Deep SKU's TGT Womens Summer Apparel - Plus SizesPICTURES1160
TGT Deep SKU's TGT Mens Summer Apparel - Small SizesPICTURES1800
TGT Deep SKU's TGT Mens Spring/Winter ApparelPICTURES1190
TGT Deep SKU's TGT Childrens Winter ApparelPICTURES1353
TGT Deep SKU's TGT Childrens Summer ApparelPICTURES12,100
TGT Deep SKU's TGT Women's (Summer) Plus sizes 3 stylesPICTURES1160
TGT Women's SwimwearCALL11,947
TGT Women's (Sm Sizes) (Summer)CALL89,200
TGT Women's (Dresses) (Summer)CALL160
TGT Children's (Winter)CALL76,116
TGT Children's (Winter)CALL1510
TGT Men's and Women's (Winter) CALL52,500
TGT Women's (Plus Size Dresses) (Summer)CALL1275
TGT UndergarmentsMANIFEST1216,800
TGT Men's, Women's, and Children's ClothingMANIFEST3632,400

Wholesale Clothing