Miscellaneous Wholesale Merchandise

Miscellaneous Wholesale Merchandise | Department Store Returns

We receive many department store returns with products and items that aren’t categorized and go to our miscellaneous wholesale merchandise pallets.¬†

Use our database below to search for the ideal deal for you. Click on the header subjects to sort by the type of miscellaneous merchandise, ideal pallet count, ideal piece count and ideal location.

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DescriptionDetails/Pictures# of PalletsQuanity/UnitsF.O.B.
Grocery & Paper Load ($85,365.33)MANIFEST3643,489NC
Bikes ($13,850.00)MANIFEST163GA
TGT Furniture ($39,462.70)MANIFEST28238FL
TV Shopping Christmas Returns ($49,518.89)MANIFEST1,103NC
TV Shopping Christmas Returns ($51,530.18)MANIFEST1,150NC
Office Furniture Load ($73,041.70)MANIFEST170NJ
TV Shopping Mixed GM ($55,257.43)MANIFEST1,112NC
TV Shopping Accessories & More ($78,083.62)MANIFEST2,254PA
TV Shopping Handbags ($33,722.04)MANIFEST183VA
TV Shopping New Apparel ($310,804.25)MANIFEST3,932SC
TGT Housewares & Domestics ($66,888.45)MANIFEST292,925TN
TGT High Unit Count ($138,856.70)MANIFEST3625,000TN
TGT Domestics, Electronics & Bedding ($71,144.72)MANIFEST372,211TN
Fingerhut Return Loads ($78,203.16)MANIFEST387MN
Fingerhut Return Loads ($83,182.23)MANIFEST554MN
Fingerhut Return Loads ($87,821.16)MANIFEST550MN
TGT GM ($61,561.99)MANIFEST282,703TN
TGT GM ($56,311.65)MANIFEST251,970TN
TGT Electronics & Housewares ($80,111.14)MANIFEST301,134TN
TGT Electronics, Appliances & Housewares ($47,419.69)MANIFEST30934TN
TV Shopping Apparel ($333,843.65)MANIFEST5,700PA
TV Shopping Plus Size Apparel ($121,505.75)MANIFEST2,146PA