Miscellaneous Wholesale Merchandise

Miscellaneous Wholesale Merchandise | Department Store Returns

We receive many department store returns with products and items that aren’t categorized and go to our miscellaneous wholesale merchandise pallets.¬†

Use our database below to search for the ideal deal for you. Click on the header subjects to sort by the type of miscellaneous merchandise, ideal pallet count, ideal piece count and ideal location.

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DescriptionDetails/Pictures# of PalletsQuanity/UnitsF.O.B.
Max Apparel (Skirts)CALL35,260FL
Womens Sportswear (Summer)PICTURES55,348FL
Womens Sportswear (Shorts)PICTURES1454FL
Womens Sportswear (Pants)PICTURES52,128FL
Womens Warm Up PantsPICTURES31,500FL
North Creek Mens DenimMANIFEST3536FL
Wrangler Mens JeansMANIFEST1342FL
Lee Mens JeansMANIFEST1399FL
TV Shopping Christmas Tree Load ($87,835.00)MANIFEST228NC
TV Shopping Christmas Tree Load ($81,688.00)MANIFEST222NC
TV Shopping Christmas Tree Load ($90,052.98)MANIFEST228NC
TV Shopping Mixed GM and Seasonal Load ($63,540.69)MANIFEST1,539NC
Groupon Suits and Apparel ($259,285.75)MANIFEST145,525FL
Groupon Hardgoods ($51,628.82)MANIFEST13583FL
High End Womens SummerMANIFEST65,740FL
High End Womens WinterMANIFEST74,200FL
TRU Toys and Electronics ($76,498.61)MANIFEST1,217IN
AMZ ApparelMANIFEST2118,276FL
SRS Pantry Load ($63,930.51)MANIFEST24-2627,913OH
Groupon Suits and Jackets ($29,277.81)MANIFEST4138FL
Haband Apparel ($45,569.33)MANIFEST6,570GA
Haband Apparel ($57,203.88)MANIFEST7,096GA
Department Store Returns Load ($67,317.66)MANIFEST372MN
Department Store Returns Load ($63,241.23)MANIFEST278MN
Department Store Returns Load ($52,393.29)MANIFEST170MN
Department Store Returns Load ($76,942.24)MANIFEST443MN
Department Store Returns Load ($71,463.39)MANIFEST369MN
Department Store Returns Load ($53,518.24)MANIFEST212MN
KLS Housewares ($33,836.60)MANIFEST241,895OH
TGT GM ($69,405.70)MANIFEST52430TN
SRS Box Damage Load ($36,282.06)MANIFEST538IL
Groupon Apparel ($221,555.75)MANIFEST53,872FL
WM.com ($28,207.60)MANIFEST22365FL
HD Baby, AC's, and Patio ($42,803.39)MANIFEST26364TN
TV Shopping Winter Apparel ($986,069.99)MANIFEST20,396PA
SRS Box Damage ($47,601.77)MANIFEST381FL
SRS Box Damage ($46,437.79)MANIFEST773IL
New TGT Product ($281,208.00)MANIFEST29TN
Rite Aid Hardgoods and Housewares ($33,754.14)MANIFEST10,769NC
Department Store GM ($76,942.24)MANIFEST443MN
Department Store GM ($70,945.40)MANIFEST365MN
Department Store GM ($63,660.08)MANIFEST288MN
Department Store GM ($70,293.99)MANIFEST423MN
Groupon GM ($69,396.15)MANIFEST26556KY
Work Clothing MANIFESTBulk13,478FL
HD and TGT Patio, Bikes and Kayaks ($28,885.40)MANIFEST83TN
Southern Proper Mens ShortsPICTURES1527FL
Girls SwimwearPICTURES1500FL
TV Shopping 1st Quality Intimates ($87,662.05)MANIFEST31,867NC
Patio, Small Appliances, Grills, etc. ($40,763.55)MANIFEST30164TN
Groupon Men's Dress Shirts (1 Style) CALL189FL
Groupon Women's (Summer)CALL1650FL
Groupon Men's & Womens (Winter)CALL31,877FL
Department Store GM ($48,784.62)MANIFEST142MN
Patio, Bikes, Housewares, Toys, Sporting ($42,440)MANIFEST290TN
TV Shopping Candles & Vases ($33,317.20)MANIFEST768VA
QVC Christmas Trees ($80,364.75)MANIFEST223NC
QVC Christmas Trees ($79,479.22)MANIFEST226NC
QVC Christmas Trees ($83,475.98)MANIFEST223NC
Incentex JacketsMANIFEST2,606FL
TV Shopping Mixed GM Load ($52,729.98)MANIFEST844NC
HD Patio Truckload ($35,568.92)MANIFEST3090TN
TV Shopping Load ($109,981.39)MANIFEST24 3,017VA
GM Load Dyson Vacs, Appliances, Gun Safes ($31,554.84)MANIFEST32179TN
GM Load Housewares, Bikes, Tool Chests ($29,681.97)MANIFEST30211TN
KLS Housewares ($41,444.43)MANIFEST261,246OH
Men's & Women's Reflective Safety Apparel ($161,946)MANIFEST5,477FL
Men's & Women's Dress ShirtsMANIFEST2,455FL
Groupon Apparel & Domestics ($563,318.16)MANIFEST258,240KY
WM FL Load ($30,259.50)MANIFEST22275FL
HSN Load ($74,190.94)MANIFEST122,154FL
GM Load ($144,762.36)MANIFEST3,191FL
Groupon GM & Apparel Load ($171,753.58)MANIFEST262,263KY
Hammacher-Schlammer ($222,398.80)MANIFEST241,741OH
Dooney & Bourke ($619, 553.95)MANIFEST199,645PA
3 Trucks of GM ($124,216.42)MANIFEST893,385OH
KLS Truck 975 ($44,764.14)MANIFEST301,188OH
KLS Truck 976 ($42,744.19)MANIFEST301,144OH
KLS Truck 977 ($36,708.09)MANIFEST291,053OH
Appliances, Dog Food, & GM ($34,743.69)MANIFEST26291TN
AMZ Overstock ($64,058.94)MANIFEST2,395OH
QVC Dooney & Bourke ($619,553.95)MANIFEST199,647PA
Incentex Work ApparelMANIFEST85,511FL
TV Shopping Control Load ($35,777.17)MANIFEST12524PA
HSN General Load ($74,190)MANIFEST122,154FL
WM.Com Trailer 1 ($30,259.50)MANIFEST275FL
WM.Com Trailer 2 ($51,372.83)MANIFEST666FL
WM.Com Trailer 3 ($36,277.96)MANIFEST240FL
WM.Com Trailer 4 ($31,035.98)MANIFEST262FL
WM.Com Load 1 ($51,919.30)MANIFEST237,089AL
WM.Com Load 2 ($35,820.26)MANIFEST237,202FL
WM.Com Load 3 ($46,422.58)MANIFEST232,765UT
WM.Com Load 4 ($22,287.41)MANIFEST212,220TX
WM.Com Load 5 ($93,068.68)MANIFEST2413,397IL
KLS Housewares ($24,559.98)MANIFEST15686OH
Christmas Tree Load 1 ($81,579.05)MANIFEST264
Christmas Tree Load #2 ($83,997.94)MANIFEST252
BBB Load ($62,807.29)MANIFEST875PA
Houseware, Apparel & Shoes ($9,430.52)MANIFEST33297OH
Housewares, Outdoors, Toys ($46,698.87)MANIFEST34337TN
TGT New GM ($169,207.54)MANIFEST4814,905TN
Luggage ($22,290.40)MANIFEST12221OH
Groupon GM ($54,225.58)MANIFEST26419KY
TGT Furniture Load ($49,625.86)MANIFEST32357TN
HBA Typical ManifestMANIFEST
Appliances, Sporting Goods, Home Goods ($35,022.71)MANIFEST30178TN
TV Shopping Handbags ($16,026.40)MANIFEST230PA
Name-Brand Cookware ($16,477.00)MANIFEST51,128NC


Groceries, Paper, & Diapers Load 1 MANIFEST
Groceries Load 2 MANIFEST
Truckload GM 1 MANIFEST
Truckload GM 2 Manifest
Truckload GM 3manifest
Truckload GM 4MANIFEST
Truckload GM 5MANIFEST
Truckload Furniture 6MANIFEST
TV Shopping Load ($16,107.99)MANIFEST2,601PA
TV Shopping Overall LoadMANIFEST
Name Brand HBA 2 MANIFEST46,938
TGT.Com Furniture ($35,049.71)MANIFEST32150TN
Rite-Aide HBA ($116,328.08)MANIFEST3038,604NC
Pictures of Plus Size MANIFEST
TGT Double-Stacked Trailers ($108,914)MANIFEST466,171TN
TGT GM & Home Goods ($25,647.77)MANIFEST26259TN
TGT Case Packed Toys & GM ($85,575.82)MANIFEST261,477TN
Walgreens ($180,192.81)MANIFEST2614,761IN
HD Tools & Appliances ($40,924.42)MANIFEST26112TN
TGT GM ($44,009.72)MANIFEST26959TN
KLS Toys ($33,412.51)MANIFEST241,379NV
TGT Gun Safes, Appliances & More ($27,616.22)MANIFEST28136TN
SRS-KM Box Damage ($25,392.69)MANIFEST1,916PA
TV Shopping Shoes, Boots, Purses & More ($151,316.85)MANIFEST2,280SC
InventoryDeep SKU's 103117

Big&Tall 103017

PlusSizes 103017

KLS Jewelry Manifest, Clickable
HD Patio Load ($31,802.53)MANIFEST2977TN
TGT Housewares, Domestics, & Sheets ($43,455.55)MANIFEST30674TN
TGT Housewares & Baby ($35,190.49)MANIFEST26212TN
TGT HBA ($141,552)MANIFEST4412,499 TN
Tools, Furniture & GM ($20,514.60)MANIFEST27291TN
TV Shopping Load ($77,490.33)MANIFEST1,941NC