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Why We Are Your Source for Wholesale Bale Clothing

Wholesale Jeans Baled ClothingOur time tested connections with the clothing industry ensure we receive the first pick from our retail partners for out of season and other unsold clothing. We pick only the highest quality garments free of defects and any production errors. We keep them stored in our state of the art facility ready to be delivered to you the moment you make the call. With our own baling machine and warehouse facility you can trust that what you’re paying for is not going to a third party and the extra cost of renting out equipment but 100% wholesale priced, high quality, and competitive bales of clothing ready to keep your business relevant and running at full inventory. With us you will never miss a sale knowing that you have everything in stock.



Wholesale Baling Clothes for Transport

The process of baling clothes compresses a large amount of clothes tightly into a pallet form. This form allows for easy transport and storage using any standard model forklift. All of our orders of clothes come in this form, whether an order of denim, cotton fabric, or silk. When performed correctly this method is sure to be free of any defects or damage due to packaging. Our baling machine wraps the clothes in a highly protective cloth or plastic wrapper and secures them tightly together into a large pallet that weighs approximately 1,000 pounds. This form of packaging ensures secure transport from the warehouse to wherever its final destination may be.

Wholesale Single Pallets Baled Clothing


A bit of History… Baling for Storage and Transport

The process of baling clothes is no different in concept from baling cars, straw, cotton, or basically anything else that can be compressed into a form more fit for transport. The beginnings of baling go all the way back to primitive civilizations engaging in agriculture. However the biggest leaps in the technology sprung into existence with cars, forklifts, and hydraulic presses all invented in the last one hundred years. Who knows whats next for the technology but the industry can rest assured knowing that the process of preparing things for transport will continue to evolve with our changing world.

We stay on top of your needs and our staff are always ready on standby waiting for your order during business hours. Expect a well packaged, storable bale of clothing when you order from us.


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